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FoNS News: Supporting FoNS, calls for papers, new project reports and the blog

07 December 2016

FoNS Blog

This week Independent Consultant Facilitator Sue Spencer talks about how we need an awareness of the bigger picture of healthcare and need to be able to step back and take time to make changes, which may only need to be small changes. Read more … 


Supporting FoNS through shopping

This may be a time of year when more than average quantities of shopping are done! Please think about supporting FoNS, without any cost to you, at the same time. Many of the most popular retailers offer to donate a small amount from each purchase if you go via ‘Give as you Live’ or ‘Easy Fundraising’, all the links and info are on the FoNS website. It only takes a few minutes and helps FoNS continue to support nurses to do great work.


Call for Papers: Design for Health Journal

Design for Health is an international journal covering all aspects of design in the context of health and wellbeing. The journal provides a forum for design and health scholars, design professionals, healthcare practitioners, educators, and managers worldwide.

Deadline for submissions for consideration in the first issue: Sunday 8th January 2017.

Visit the website for more information. 



Don’t forget the deadline for submission of papers for the next issue is 17th January 2017. All submissions to [email protected], for more information, visit the journal pages of the website.


Emerging from physiotherapy practice, masters-level education and returning to practice: a critical reflection based on Mezirow’s transformative learning theory by Leane Owen

In this reflective paper, the author brings together 3 strands of her own transformational learning journey; the need to explore our deep-seated, taken for granted assumptions; the benefit of Masters level education; and the importance and expectation of evidence-based practice, especially in relation to treating people living with dementia. While this paper highlights positive outcomes for practice when working with people who are living with dementia, it also demonstrates the value of Mezirow’s reflective model, something which others may like to explore.    


New project reports on the FoNS website

A Participatory Action Research Project into the Implementation and Evaluation of My Healthcare Passport

Evidence indicates that people with learning disabilities in the UK experience significant health inequalities and issues with access to healthcare. In response, a co-researcher team made up of people with learning disabilities, hospital clinicians, parent carers, care home staff used creative practice development methods to develop, implement and evaluate My Healthcare Passport. View either the easy read report or full Masters Dissertation.


‘More Than a Sitter': A Practice Development Project on Special Observations in Acute General Hospital Care

Whilst special observation is a common nursing activity used with older people with dementia and/or delirium, there appears to be little evidence base for its use, little clarity of what it means and little evidence of how it is experienced. Outputs of this project include a pocket sized flow chart which simplified and summarised the Trust’s policy, a special observation risk assessment and the introduction of rummage and reminiscence boxes created by staff to use with patients.


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FoNS News: Leadership focus, RCN event and the FoNS blog

30 November 2016

FoNS Blog

This week FoNS practice development facilitator, Jo Odell, talks about gathering and using patients’ experiences of care. As leader of the Patients First Programme, she has worked with many teams who have gathered and shared stories for different purposes and in different ways. Read more …


International Practice Development Journal focus

FoNS is delighted that the IPDJ has been re-listed with the Directory of Open Access Journals. Given the worrying rise in the number of predatory open access journals, it's great to be recognised for the quality of our publication processes.


IPDJ Deadline for submissions

Just a reminder: submissions for the IPDJ are welcome at any time, but our deadline for Volume 7, No 1 is 17th January 2017. Please send submissions to: [email protected]


Leading the health service into the future: transforming the NHS through transforming ourselves by Mansoor Akhtar, James Norbert Casha, Julia Ronder, Mohamed Sakel, Catherine Wight and Kim Manley

This paper explores a practice development based leadership programme to support a group of medical doctors with their leadership journey, to equip them to become transformational leaders and contribute to a growth in internal leadership capacity. The paper describes the importance of clinical leadership including its role in creating ‘better places to work’ (p 2). It includes a really interesting discussion of leadership – what it’s for and what it entails, and describes the components of the 9 month programme. The impacts of the programme are illustrated through the individual reflective accounts. The programme was not without challenges, but has had ‘a positive impact on participants in their role as clinical leaders’ (p 18). A really good read.


Interested in leadership?

Fostering a Culture of Effectiveness through Practice Development, 3-7 July 2017

A key aspect of the learning from this FoNS hosted residential programme, is leadership.

What do previous participants say after 6 months?

  • It [the school] helped me take a step back and I now use my passion for nursing to inspire others to make the changes rather than at times trying to rescue.
  • It’s helped them (the team) take ownership of their practice and enabled them to have access to support that helps them lead on developments.
  • It had a huge influence upon everything that I do and how I do it … the ways that I work with people by helping them to explore challenges and find solutions results in them designing their own ways forward which can create greater commitment to action and increased confidence in them exercising their professional voice and expressing values.


And don’t forget we are offering optional on-going mentorship to cement your learning. Visit the website for more information. 


‘Knowing why we do what we do’ - Establishing a Unit Practice Council to Improve Evidence Based Nursing Practice in Acute Medicine using Appreciative Inquiry

This report describes how, supported by FoNS, nurses and other key stakeholders developed a Unit Practice Council to implement change using a shared governance approach. Shared governance is a style of nursing management which empowers frontline staff to be involved in the decisions made about their practice. The Unit Practice Council was involved in improvements in many areas of practice. This initiative has now gone from strength to strength with more than 25 UPCs across the Trust, see more...


Creating Caring Cultures: using animation to help people to get started by Kate Sanders and Theresa Shaw

The aim of facilitation and leadership is to create a culture where staff feel valued and supported, enabling them to provide care that is person-centred, safe and effective. This paper sketches out why FoNS decided to create its animation and resources. ‘Although much has been spoken about the need for culture change over the past few years, following the publication of several high-profile reports into significant failures in health and social care in the UK, in our [FoNS’] experience of working with staff at the frontline of care, they are often at a loss as to know how to get started…. It seems that a lot of attention has been focused on the ‘what’ but not so much on the ‘how’, particularly at the level of frontline care and services.’ (p 1)



Nursing education and professional development: the global perspective

RCN Education Forum International Conference & Exhibition 2017

Tuesday 21 – Wednesday 22 March 2017, Cardiff

This conference will support you as a healthcare educator by updating you on latest developments, facilitating discussion that will help shape best practice and provide a platform to network with nursing colleagues from across the world.

Programme highlights include:

  • Confirmed keynote speakers: Professor Dame Jill McLeod Clark, Professor Jan Dewing, Dr Alison Steven and Professor Pauline Pearson
  • Interactive sessions: workshops and masterclasses
  • The global and 4 country perspective
  • Have your say: ‘ask the RCN’ panel and peer recognition of best posters


Visit the website for more information and bookings.


England Centre for Practice Development Newsletter

Current and back issues are available from the ECPD website. News form Canterbury plus national and international news.





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FoNS News: Project reports, blog and the work of MH nurses

23 November 2016

FoNS Blog

This week’s blog is by Maria Mackay of UoW and Ailsa McMillan of QMU. They explore lessons learnt around the creation of person-centred nursing curriculum, especially the need to establish shared values at the outset. Read more …


IPDJ Focus

Promoting independence at mealtimes for older persons with severe dementia by Liv Helene Jensen, Karin Håvarstein Rekve, Ingun Dina Ulstein and Kirsti Skovdahl

This paper explores a collaborative action research project, conducted over two years, to promote independence at mealtimes for persons with severe dementia. Care plans were formulated at morning meetings, then tried out at breakfast. Individual healthcare professionals wrote narratives about their experiences which were used as the basis for reflections at later multi-disciplinary meetings. This paper is interesting both from the perspective of methodology and for their observations about the sort of mealtime simplifications which can promote independence and dignity.


Playing our Part – the Work of Mental Health Nurses

FoNS recently hosted a roundtable conference for mental health nurse educators. The outputs from the meeting are available to read on Prof Tony Butterworth’s blog page


Jacqueline Jones: Community Nurse of the year RCN Wales

FoNS would like to congratulate Jacqueline Jones, who is leader for ‘The School Nurse Rucksack’ project , on winning RCN Wales Community Nurse of the Year award. Read more...


Project Reports

FoNS project teams have been busy completing their reports, so if you have missed any, here’s a summary of some recent ones:

The central aim of this project was to implement an evidence-based approach to practice on an elective orthopaedic ward in order to improve the patient experience in terms of comfort, privacy and dignity.

This project used a number of methods to improve intubation practice. This was achieved by enabling the participation of staff and parents using observations in practice, research workshops, interviews and questionnaires.

This team developed and implemented a toolkit of non-medical interventions that can be used alongside medical management to help reduce breathlessness.

This project was driven by a desire to improve the quality and care that patients receive from the specialist multidisciplinary spasticity service.

This project highlights the need to engage with patients/service users and for them to be equal partners, with a focus on wellness and a return to health.


A Space to Share

Photo at Discharge

The Photo at Discharge (PaD) Scheme at Brompton and Harefield Hospital has been designed to help reduce readmissions to hospital for surgical site infections. Patients reported feeling more confident about wound care and were able to show the GP/ community nurses what the wound had looked like when they left hospital. For more information and contact details, visit the FoNS website.


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FoNS News: Blog and new journal issue out now!

16 November 2016

FoNS Blog

What is the place of ruthlessness and determination in health and social care? Theresa Shaw is inspired by a presentation by Dame Stella Rimington, ex of the secret services. Intrigued? Read more …

International Practice Development Journal, Volume 6, No. 2

1. Editorial: Avoiding practice development illiteracy

The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor 


Original Practice Development and Research

2. Creative reflections on Enhancing Practice 16: new explorations, insights and inspirations for practice developers
Debbie Baldie, Angela Brown, Jan Dewing, Caroline Dickson, Karen LeGrow, Maria Mackay, Rebekkah Middleton and Kate Sanders


3. Celebrating international collaboration: reflections on the first Virtual International Practice Development Conference

Moira Stephens, Jan Dewing, Angela Brown, Rebekkah Middleton and Victoria Neville


4. Journey to a shared vision for nursing in a university hospital

Jacqueline S. Martin, Stephan Schärer, Esther Sackmann Rageth, Anja Ulrich, Michael Wehrli and Irena Anna Frei


5. Leading the health service into the future: transforming the NHS through transforming ourselves

Mansoor Akhtar, James Norbert Casha, Julia Ronder, Mohamed Sakel, Catherine Wight and Kim Manley

Mansoor Akhtar and James Norbert Casha are novice writers and we would like to congratulate them on their first publication


6. Concepts of person-centred care: a framework analysis of five studies in daily care practices

Margreet van der Cingel, Lobke Brandsma, Mirjam van Dam, Marcella van Dorst, Claudia Verkaart and Cilleke van der Velde

This paper includes a commentary by Joanna Goodrich


7. Promoting independence at mealtimes for older persons with severe dementia

Liv Helene Jensen, Karin Håvarstein Rekve, Ingun Dina Ulstein and Kirsti Skovdahl


Critical Reflection on Practice Development

8. Facilitating the development of a shared purpose in a university department: the first stage towards developing a culture of shared governance 

Brian McGowan, Debbie Goode and Kim Manley


9. Learning to walk the community of practice tightrope

Denise Edgar, Rosie Watson, Sherri Towle, Joanne McLoughlin, Amanda Paloff, Sonia Markocic, Joanne Joyce-McCoach, Vida Bliokas and Janine Bothe

Sherri Towle, Joanne McLoughlin, Amanda Paloff and Sonia Markocic are novice writers and we would like to congratulate them on their first publication


10. The nursing contribution to ethical decision making

Barbara Dinten-Schmid, Liliane Stoffel, Diana Staudacher, Jane McDougall, Ruth Baumann-Hölzle and Rebecca Spirig


11. Emerging from physiotherapy practice, masters-level education and returning to practice: a critical reflection based on Mezirow’s transformative learning theory

Leane Owen


Ideas and Influences

12. Learning for carers as a means to empowerment: a Welsh vision 

Tina Donnelly CBE


13. Making sense of critical participatory action research. Reflections on The Action Research Planner: Doing Critical Participatory Action Research

Maria Mackay


* Why the url codes? These are 'Digital Object Identifiers', unique letter/number sequences that help readers to locate any journal paper easily, please use them!

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FoNS Weekly News - 9th November 2016

09 November 2016

FoNS Blog

This week our blog comes from three nurse teachers in Norway and is entitled Gardening in challenging nature. Needless to say it’s not about gardening, but about new ways of working and how these need to be nurtured in new environments. Marit Langesæter, Kristin Ådnøy Eriksen and Sølvi Eide Lunde talk about what they have been doing since attending a FoNS hosted Practice Development School and share their video (which is in English). Please watch and share.



Enhanced health in care homes: Lessons from the vanguards on integration in practice, Tuesday 6 December 2016, London

Enhanced health in care homes is one of the new care models set out in the NHS five year forward view. Eighteen months on from the launch of the six vanguards, this conference will assess their progress in providing older people with better, more joined-up care and rehabilitation services.


Join us at The King’s Fun to examine the critical role that care homes play in boosting cross-agency collaboration to provide more integrated and personalised care for older people.


Among others, speakers include:

  • William Roberts, National Care Homes Lead, New Care Models Programme, NHS England
  • Dr Elizabeth Kendrick, GP, National Professional Advisor for Older People, Care Quality Commission
  • Dr Dawn Moody, GP, Associate National Clinical Director for Older People and Integrated Person-Centred Care, NHS England
  • Lesley Bainbridge, Lead Nurse to the Care home Programme, NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Karen Rogers, Owner, Herefordshire Care Homes
  • Sally Roberts, Director of Governance, Quality and Safety, and Lead Nurse, Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Rachel Binks, Nurse Consultant, Digital and Acute Care, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.


Visit the King's Fund website for more information and bookings.


Always Events® UK Summit: A positive approach to Improving Patient Care, Wednesday 30 November 2016, London

How do we create excellence in patient care and experience? This conference is centred on Always Events®, which focus on ensuring events that matter to patients happen every time for every patient. Always Events® can be tailored to your service and should be developed in consultation with patients learning from what the organisation or service does well and what elements of care patients value most. The aim of always events is to create a positive approach to improving patient care. 


Healthcare Conferences UK are offering a limited number of places for just £100 + VAT available on a first come first serve basis.  Quote HCUK100ae when booking by clicking here.


IPDC Practice Development School@ QMU, 5-9 December 2016

This non-residential International Practice Development Collaborative [IPDC] Foundation School 'Practice Development for Person-centred Cultures' is delivered as a module of the MSc Person-centred Practice. It aims to give you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skill to be person-centred practice developers, with the aim of embedding person-centred cultures within teams and organisations. For more information email [email protected] 

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