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In this section, you can find out about how clinically based nurses have led innovations in their workplace. More than 90 project teams have reported on their work. These reports share the learning and experiences of the teams as well as the outcomes from their innovations. By clicking on a project title you can find out more about the project and access the associated reports.

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Project Title Keywords Completed
‘Knowing why we do what we do’ - Establishing a Unit Practice Council to Improve Evidence Based Nursing Practice in Acute Medicine using Appreciative Inquiry Unit practice council, appreciative inquiry, shared governance June 2014
Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a Therapeutic Model in the Day Care Centre Setting at the Hazel Centre at Countess Mountbatten House Hazel Centre, empowerment, therapeutic clinic, palliative care August 2014
The Implementation of Nurse Facilitated Discharge in Paediatrics Paediatric nurse facilitated discharge, multidisciplinary, paediatric discharge process, empowerment, practice development July 2014
Improving Patients’ Experience of Transfer from the Adult Intensive Care Unit to the High Dependency Unit Discharge, transfer, intensive care, patients’ experience, experience-based co-design June 2014
Culturagram: Developing and Implementing a Culturally and Ethnically Sensitive Family Assessment Tool for People Living with Dementia and their Families Dementia, culture, ethnicity, assessment, patient experience May 2014
An Exploration of the Lived Experience of Patients and Staff Involved in Supportive Observations within a High Secure Environment Supportive observations, intermittent observation, one to one observation, patients, staff experiences March 2014
Developing a Nurse-led Integrated ‘Red Legs’ Service - Caring for People with a Complex Diagnosis/Condition with Causes other than Acute Cellulitis Red legs, cellulitis, nurse-led, facilitation December 2013
An Anxiety Self-management Programme for Women with Gynaecological Malignancies Anxiety management, pre-operative care, practice development, experience based design September 2013
The Creation of a Single Multi-disciplinary Patient Assessment Tool for all Services within St. John’s Hospice Assessment, multidisciplinary team, user involvement August 2013
Developing a Supportive Care Service for Patients following Percutaneous Cardiac Intervention (PCI) Cardiac rehabilitation, percutaneous cardiac intervention, post discharge care, risk factor modification July 2013

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