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Patients First Year 7

Patients First Year 7 is coming soon. This programme is a fantastic opportunity for nurses and nurse led teams to innovate in practice. We will be launching PFP year 7 soon, but in the meantime, you might like to consider these ‘first steps’:

  • Have a look at the programme, there are 6 workshop days, facilitator visits and a small bursary. 
  • Watch our animation to get a sense of how FoNS works.
  • Step back and look at your ward or unit. What do you see?
  • Start to talk to your patients/service users, colleagues and managers about the care on your ward/unit.

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This fantastic development opportunity has enabled 70 teams to innovate in practice and grow as individuals. Keep visiting the website for more information or sign up as a friend to receive the latest news.

Summary of the programme

The Patients First Programme is an excellent development opportunity for nurse, midwife and health visitor led teams. Supported by the Burdett Trust for Nursing, the programme has a proven track record of successful innovations and personal development, with over 50 teams having participated. As a professional you will no doubt have thought about areas of your practice, and the service where you work, that could be better, more person centred and more effective. But perhaps you don’t know how to solve the problem or feel unsure of what approach to take.

Over a period of 18 months, the Patients First Programme provides:

  • A dedicated experienced Practice Development Facilitator offering direct support in the workplace and via telephone/email
  • Six full day learning and development workshops that will bring together the nurse-led teams to explore and enable the development of effective strategies for changing practice and provide opportunities for networking and sharing
  • Full access to the FoNS Centre for Nursing Innovation
  • Support with report writing, publishing and active dissemination
  • A bursary of up to £5000
  • Possible accreditation at Level 7, 30 credits, on completion of a reflective assignment through the Canterbury Christ Church University (successful applicants who are interested in this should contact FoNS for further information)


Evaluations of the Patients First Programme

University of Worcester Independent Three Year Evaluation Patients First Programme

Evaluation of Year 1

Evaluation of Year 2

Evaluation of Year 3 

Evaluation of Year 4

Year 6, Day 1 and 2 Evaluation 

Innovations in practice

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