FoNS’ Partners Programme is a unique opportunity for individuals and organisations to be at the forefront, with FoNS in creating safe, effective and compassionate nursing and healthcare.

By becoming a Partner you will:

  • Gain a special insight into the innovative ways nurse-led teams are working to give patients high quality care using the best evidence, techniques and technologies. 
  • Be ahead of policy and development and have the opportunity to understand the issues and evidence that informs the public and policy debates within nursing. 
  • Make a valuable contribution to FoNS’ efforts to ensure people’s experience of nursing and healthcare is excellent more often than not.

In return for your support we will offer our Partners access to:

  • Bespoke information and strategic advice about nursing and patient care issues which will have a direct impact on your work
  • Networking events with nurses and policy makers in practice where you can talk about contemporary issues for practice and influence the debates that directly affect the uptake of new technologies and therapeutic approaches
  • Expertise and education in nursing, research and quality improvement
  • New communication channels to help you and if appropriate, your workforce to become more aware of nursing and patient care issues and how these relate to implementation of your healthcare strategy
  • Complementary copies of FoNS publications and reports including ‘Improvement Insights’, our Developing Practice - Improving Care publication
  • FoNS’ online journal, the ‘International Practice Development Journal’
  • Information sharing opportunities in FoNS’ highly regarded e-news alerts
  • Data surveys of nurses working in practice to inform your organisation and activities, as well as access to our database for selected activities