Emma Dutson

Community Nursing and Proactive Care, Chanctonbury Primary Care Network, West Sussex

Hello my name is Emma and I am a clinical nurse lead in a rural community nursing team. We cover a large geographical area working alongside four GP surgeries. We have a mixture of skill levels within the team and a very supportive and nurturing ethos.

I am passionate in enabling positive change for staff and patients. I have worked in the community setting in various roles for the past 15 years and have seen a lot of change, some has been managed well and all too often it has been managed poorly.  I’m hoping that undertaking the fellowship programme will provide me with the chance to learn new skills and pass these on to my team to facilitate dynamism and innovation in practice.

For me community services are often the ‘forgotten’ backbone of the NHS, providing high quality care to patients in their own homes. There has been so much change to the service and I want to ensure that my team can ride the waves and have the skills and resilience to deal with these changes.

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