Development and Leadership Programmes Based on FoNS' Creating Caring Cultures Model

Outcomes and benefits

  • Develop a better understanding of culture and how this impacts on staff and services
  • Help teams to create health and social care workplaces that are person-centred, safe and effective
  • Focus on your role as a leader and facilitator of development and improvement
  • Explore current practice and new ideas
  • Creative and active methods and approaches
  • All FoNS facilitators have extensive facilitation experience

What do participants on FoNS Creating Caring Cultures Programmes say? 

It has been excellent and links to improving practice are clear 

Re-learn yourself and celebrate shared purpose and prioritise staff engagements and wellbeing to create a caring culture 

Gives you good ideas to develop action plans 

Highly recommend! 

I will continue to use the skills in my future practice and share with my colleagues 

Have introduced a lot of the strategies to my work and feedback from staff has been very positive 

Facilitators very knowledgeable and approachable 

Key features

  • Number of participants: Minimum 8-10 participants, then multiples of approx. 8-10, up to a maximum of 30  
  • Duration: Programmes are usually 5-6 days, these can be arranged to suit participant/organisational needs, either residential or non-residential, with optional follow-up sessions recommended 
  • Costs: Depends on travel needed, number of participants, residential/non-residential  
  • Location flexibility: Can be hosted by the organisation or by FoNS anywhere UK wide 
  • Start/finish dates: Flexible 
  • Who’s it for: All health and social care practitioners e.g. nurses, therapists, doctors etc. who are involved in, or responsible for, leading and facilitating person-centred, evidence-based care, practice development, quality improvement, practice education and strategic planning  
  • Flexibility of programme content: Ultimate flexibility to base the programme around the clinical and strategic priorities of the participating people. Organisational support required to enable time out of practice to attend workshops and complete pre-programme activities 


Please email [email protected] and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.