Why a FoNS Hosted School?

FoNS brings a wealth of experience to its schools. FoNS has, for 30 years, been working with nurses and other healthcare professionals to support them to improve practice and has been involved in Practice Development Schools almost since their inception.

All our facilitators have extensive experience working with nurses and healthcare professionals in practice. The level of expertise, commitment and passion of those delivering the school is part of what makes this school so special.  

The focus of the school is on practice. Attendance not only provides participants with a repertoire of skills, tools and techniques that will equip them to lead and manage a variety of situations – particularly in relation to helping colleagues see their practice in new ways and encouraging responsibility, but is also transformational, equipping participants with personal resources that will have applicability and transferability into the future. Six months after the course, we ask participants how they have used their learning from the school. Here is a selection of the feedback: