Sharing Meaningful Moments by Kate Sanders, on behalf of the Teaching Care Homes teams, 12th June 2018

In this blog, Kate Sanders shares something about the discussions that the TCH teams had about 'meaningful moments' and also some of their ideas about how these moments can be created.

Dying Matters: Inspiring Others by Kate Sanders on behalf of the Teaching Care Homes teams, 15th May 2018

In this blog Kate Sanders shares some of the thoughts and resources the Teaching Care Homes teams have come up with, in support of Dying Matters Awareness Week 14-18 May 2018.

Teaching Care Homes: Inspiring and Impacting by Theresa Shaw and Kate Sanders, FoNS, 17th April 2018

This blog introduces the five new care homes that have become part of the TCH programme and outlines the priority areas that they want to explore and develop.

To download as a PDF click here.

Building networks of support and partnership between health and social care by Robin Willmott, Care Home Manager at Millbrook Lodge, Orders of St John Care Trust, Gloucester, 15th August 2017

In this blog, Robin talks about a variety of ways that the care home team have been working to strengthen cross-sector partnerships.

Why is nursing in the care sector overlooked? by Karen Davies, Care Home Manager, Rose Court, HC-One, Radcliffe, Manchester, 18th July 2017

In this blog, Karen reflects upon the limited exposure that most people have to care homes and asks how we can change this.

A Teaching Care Home Pilot: The Launch by FoNS, 25th April 2017

This pilot aimed to champion, empower and inspire the care sector and create a legacy of learning for future care homes and nursing in the sector. This blog provides links to the final reports produced at the end of the pilot programme.

Shining a light on what's great in care homes by Theresa Shaw, FoNS, 21st February 2017

During the TCH pilot programme, the Nursing Times created a Care Sector microsite to shine a light on what is really great about many of our care homes up and down the country. In this blog, there are links to many stories from practice written by some of the TCH programm participants:

Celebrating progress towards becoming Teaching Care Homes by Kate Sanders, FoNS, 18th October 2016

In this blog, Kate reflects on the journey travelled by the participants of the Teaching Care Homes pilot programme.

Teaching Care Homes by Theresa Shaw, FoNS, 21st June 2016

Theresa introduces the idea of Teaching Care Homes as FoNS starts to work with teams from five care homes.

Time for a revolution by Deborah Sturdy, FoNS Trustee, Nurse Advisor Care England and Visiting Professor at Bucks University, 23rd February 2016

In this blog, Deborah talks passionately about the unrecognised value of nurses working in long-term and how it is time to recognise and celebrate their knowledge and skills.