Revalidation Resources

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) launched revalidation in April 2016. The new requirements demonstrate to everyone that as Registered Nurses we’re working effectively and safely within ‘The Code’, which sets out the professional standards for practice. Whilst nurses have been required to demonstrate their competence for many years, revalidation is a positive opportunity because it encourages an ongoing process of sharing, reflecting and improving.

Based on our experience of working with nurses in social and primary care to help them understand the revalidation process, we know that some of you working in social care can feel isolated and revalidation may seem daunting. We developed this video to help demystify the process and to enable you to apply this to your own working context in social care. Watch and listen to Kirsty as she undertakes her revalidation journey. Click on the picture below to watch the video.

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Click here to download the animation script.

This work was supported and funded by the RCN Foundation.



Related activities

Stuck for ideas for activities for your on-going professional development, reflective practice and revalidation? Here are some suggestions:

Activity 1: Learning and developing through reading and writing about a practice development project report

Activity 2: Using the ‘Creating Caring Cultures’ animation as a learning and development resource

Activity 3: Gathering and reflecting on resident feedback

Activity 4: Gathering and reflecting on staff and colleague feedback

Activity 5: Learning from and taking action informed by compliments

Activity 6: Learning with and from others – participating in a tweet chat