Daniel Branch

Community Learning Disability Nurse, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

FoNS Learning Disability Nursing Fellowship

The continuing biggest impact is that improvement in self-confidence. Everyone at the time said that it had done quite a lot for their imposter syndrome. It was very impactful to know we were having similar concerns even though we are all highly qualified in different ways.

I had the opportunity of going from band 5 to band 6 within the same team. Again, potentially feeling more assured in what I was doing then, it seemed like a valid option at that point, which came just after the course.

It’s been positive for the patients that we’re working with too because it’s certainly upskilled me a lot, which is helping me to support my colleagues.

The aim of my project is to try and encourage team members to express their gratitude and other compliments towards each other by the means of having badges with different positive messages on which can be exchanged.

These badges are designed to be sterilisable so can be worn whilst at work. It is hoped that the wearing of the badges will spark further conversation as other people may ask how that person earned their badge. The telling of
the story would hopefully then illicit further positive comments and praise from the person who asked the question.

Taking part in this programme has really highlighted to me the importance of co-production in this type of project. In this case I was able to talk to my team from the start of the improvement plan.

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