Creating Caring Cultures

Creating Caring Cultures development programmes are aimed at nurses leading clinical teams in health and social care. Drawing upon experiences from the workplace and supported by relevant models and theories, these programmes help individuals to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in leading and facilitating the development of individuals and teams towards person-centred cultures of care.

  • Explores the role of the individual as leader and facilitator of culture change
  • Reflects on the workplace culture and how this impacts on experiences and outcomes for people who use the services and staff
  • Considers how practice, care and culture can be evaluated, considering the perspectives of all who can influence or who are impacted
  • Enables leaders to use creative and reflective methods and approaches to enable learning in and from practice to inform action
  • Enhances collaborative ways of working within teams
  • Leaders who are more confident to facilitate culture change
  • Teams working collaboratively to develop shared purpose and goals
  • Health and social care workplaces that are person-centred, safe and effective

    ‘It has been excellent and links to improving practice are clear’
    ‘Re-learn yourself and celebrate shared purpose and prioritise staff engagements and wellbeing to create a caring culture’
    ‘Gives you good ideas to develop action plans’
    ‘Highly recommend!’
    ‘I will continue to use the skills in my future practice and share with my colleagues’
    ‘Have introduced a lot of the strategies to my work and feedback from staff has been very positive’
    ‘Facilitators very knowledgeable and approachable’ 

  • Six to eight days either full or part-time
  • Online, in person, residential or blended approach
  • Groups of up to 10 participants per facilitator
  • FoNS can advise on internal recruitment criteria if needed
  • Costs: Depends on travel needed, number of participants, residential/non-residential
  • Location flexibility: Can be hosted by the organisation or by FoNS anywhere, UK wide
  • Start/finish dates are flexible

A CAMHS clinical in-patient team leader development and support programme 

This programme offered participants a unique opportunity for personal and professional development through protected time away from the workplace. Participants benefited from the opportunity to network, share and to learn with and from their peers, in a co-created safe and supported learning environment. Drawing upon their experiences from practice, supported by theoretical frameworks and practical tools, participants were able to ignite a vision for supporting and leading their teams for the future. 

‘Perspective on making changes has changed. So bogged down by pressure before but made me go back to basics, “why am I doing it, how can I do it including everyone else?” More person-centred approach now. Confidence increased, a lot more in control of how I approach it.’

‘Learnt to enjoy the journey and celebrate successes along the way. Slower and more sustained. Not just seeing but observing and learning other perspectives. More meaningful. Having values-based conversations with people. Definitely grown in confidence to do these.’

Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust

Creating Caring Cultures across mental health and learning disability services in Northern Ireland

We are very pleased to be able to share some feedback from these programmes.

L-R: Nikki Smyth, Jillian Scott, Susan Maxwell, Patricia Simpson, Angela McCallan, Angela NcIlvenna & Philip Rooney (Northern Trust)

Patricia Simpson shares a personal view ‘Just a Band 5‘.

L-R: Sinead Lawlor, Seamus Coyle, Danielle Quinn, Moira Mannion (Deputy Director of Nursing,) and Chloe Jade McDonald

The Belfast team share their thoughts ‘What else can we say?’

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