Ryan Rukas

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

I would like this programme to help me facilitate a change in culture within my workplace. My vision is that the staff will get on board and we can all work together to look at changing the way we work. I am hoping to develop new strategies and look at integrating these into the team with the ultimate goal being to improve patient experience under the care of our team. I plan to involve the families within the programme and improve the way we obtain our family feedback.

We are a large complex care team who care for mainly children with complex health care needs within their own homes. We provide support workers who complete the day to day care of the child with the clinical oversight of a band 6 children’s nurse. Our patients are all individually commissioned and funded against a commissioner’s assessment to determine the ‘hours’ of care they are eligible for within their home.

We also care for a few adults that have gone through transition and we have managed to secure a commissioned service with the adult commissioners. These patients have the oversight of a band 6 adult nurse but are managed in the same way as the children’s packages.