Teaching and Learning Care Homes

The Teaching Care Homes programme logoThe aim of the Teaching and Learning Care Homes programme is to develop a geographically spread network of homes that:

  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to person-centred care and ways of working, which will be experienced by all who live, die, visit and work in the home
  • Are centres for learning, practice development and research, actively engaging with staff, students, residents and the community
  • Have strong working relationships with academic and education providers and are a resource for other care homes

This aim was developed in recognition of the issues of recruitment and retention of both registered nurses and carers, attempting to raise the profile of long term social care as an exciting, rewarding and forward thinking career choice.

The Teaching and Learning care Homes modelThe Teaching and Learning Care Homes (TLCH) programme is comprised of a series of workshops, either in person, or online. The ultimate purpose of the programme is to enhance the care experiences for residents, families, staff and visitors. This will be achieved by:

  • creating a positive learning environment
  • engaging in research and practice development, driven from practice
  • community and sector engagement

The programme, based on the TLCH model, explores current experiences of care, and supports participants to work with stakeholders in order to focus on good care experience and outcomes.

The Teaching and Learning Care Homes programme is ideally suited to both local authority, ICB/ICSs and organisations which provide social care.

  • Would your local authority, ICB/ICS, health and social care trust, health and social care partnership or local health board etc. be interested in supporting a programme, enabling a number of homes to lead innovations addressing local priorities, the learning from which can be shared?
  • Would your organisation be interested in supporting a number of homes to become Teaching and Learning Care Homes? They could act as a resource within your organisation but also be active contributors to the TLCH community

If you are interested, or would like to know more, please contact [email protected]

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