Karen Davies

Home Manager, Rose Court Care Home, Manchester

As an Inspire Improvement Fellow, I hope to further develop our person led care provision and to enable those who work and live in the home, to promote ‘Positive risk taking’ as an enabling force for care givers and residents alike.

As a team, one of our goals is to clarify and evidence, what are seen by others as ‘innovative ways of working’. We believe these ways of working are embedded in our care provision. We aim to develop a tool to be used within the care sector, to recognise what the established culture is and to facilitate a cultural change where needed. The care sector is at times seen as less innovative and more rigid in service provision, we hope as a team to challenge this misconception with our ‘can do’ culture in order to evidence outcomes.

Personally, I hope to enable others to problem solve with confidence and as a team to develop the confidence in evidencing or collecting feedback from residents, families and carers. Our aim is as a team to inspire others to be a voice for the care sector and facilitate changes to match resident’s needs, to think differently and to be brave in advocating for residents, families and carers rather than accepting the status quo.