The Richard Tompkins Scholarship

Meet the RTS ScholarsThe Richard Tompkins Nurse Development Scholarship is an annual award. It is a development opportunity, for a registered nurse, midwife or health visitor who is committed to developing person-centred cultures of care. This scholarship is open to practitioners who are working clinically in any health or social care setting UK-wide, and is targeting, in particular, those who are leading clinically based teams.

This scholarship offers a unique combination of benefits and a unique opportunity to access support and development to innovate in your workplace. It’s a rewarding mix of challenge and support, it’s highly creative and yet all about real nursing practice. It’s about developing you as a facilitator and leader but equally about your patients and the team you work with.

  • Attendance at a 5-day FoNS residential programme, which focuses on facilitating the development of person-centred cultures. The scholarship covers the cost of programme registration, accommodation, food and reasonable travel expenses
  • 12 months bespoke mentorship from FoNS
  • The option of FoNS support to publish, present or publicise your work through academic publication, conferences or blogging
  • An invitation to become part of the FoNS Alumni

Application involves completion of a written form and if shortlisted, an online interview.

The application process opens 4-6 months before the residential programme. The next round is anticipated to open early 2025.

Applicants must secure an internal sponsor at a senior/strategic level to ensure that they are able to maximise the opportunities created by the scholarship. Should the applicant be successful, regular face-to-face meetings should be held with the internal sponsor to ensure that appropriate support is available internally, in addition to the mentorship provided by FoNS. This includes prioritising time to meet with the FoNS mentor and to undertake activity relating to development and innovation.

For over three decades FoNS, an independent organisation, has supported nurses and nurse-lead teams across the United Kingdom (UK) to lead innovation in the workplace that transforms the way nurses work and provide care. Over this time, we have developed an excellent reputation for our unique and practical hands-on approach to supporting nurses. With help from FoNS, nurses have been able to make significant improvements to their practice and experiences of care.

The late Richard Tompkins saw the potential of FoNS to enable nurses to develop knowledge and skills that benefit patients. The Tompkins Foundation remains a valuable supporter of FoNS and we are delighted that Mrs Elizabeth Tompkins is supporting this scholarship opportunity.

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