Sophie Evans

Matron Integrated Surgical Services, Morriston Hospital, Swansea

I am a matron in integrated surgical services in Morriston Hospital Swansea. My nursing career started in oncology and haematology, then I moved to plastics where my passion for wound care and surgery thrived. I knew from very early on in my career that I wanted to lead a team.

I work very closely with the other matron and head of nursing. We have 6 separate wards, a head and neck outpatients department with a number of clinical nurse specialists. I manage and support a very busy, high acuity emergency surgical ward, with daily transfers out of ITU. I also look after a 24 bed surgical ward, with many of the patients needing airway support.  The recent introduction of vascular patients has increased the ward requirement for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and support workers to assist with care. I also manage a head and neck out patients department that specialises in a number of specialities from orthodontic, max facial and ENT. Finally, I manage a small team of clinical nurse specialists. The team that I am part of is very passionate to do the best for our patients and our staff. We are all very compassionate and we share similar values.

I hope to achieve as much as I can out of this programme, meet other colleagues with similar backgrounds and enjoy the journey. I don’t want to just be fighting to get extra staff for the wards, I want to look into improving the workplace culture and after reading about this programme I am intrigued to see what this programme will bring.

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