About us

The ultimate purpose of FoNS is to improve care. We are dedicated to working with nurses and health and social care teams to develop and share innovative ways of improving practice, thereby enabling them to provide care that is high quality, evidence based and meets the needs of those receiving care and their families.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Working directly with nurses in practice, helping them to explore the culture of the workplace, develop a shared purpose with colleagues and focus on those we are providing care for, their needs and their care
  • Giving nurses and other health and social care practitioners, easy access to information, resources and networking opportunities through this website

Our unique approach – helping nurses to lead innovation in the workplace, has achieved improvements in the experience of care and care outcomes.

Our focus on culture change has resulted in staff re-evaluating their purpose, feeling a sense of improved wellbeing and often a decision to stay. 


FoNS – Inspires, Enables, Improves

Building on Success  (PDF 155KB)


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