Robert Pettigrew, FRSA, MCIPR


Robert Pettigrew, FRSA, MCIPR - TrusteeAn economist by background, Robert Pettigrew is a policy and communications professional who has been involved in various different charities, social enterprise and public appointments. He is an entrepreneur and is currently also a non-executive director and chairman of a company based in London, as well as serving as a consultant and executive in other projects. He has worked in a number of different health and social care policy roles, including advising on matters of national policy, in local government, in professions allied to health and other related initiatives, such as applied technology policy and regulatory affairs. With a variety of different policy roles under his belt, he brings an unconventional perspective, drawn from areas as disparate as financial services innovation, international relations and criminal justice policy. He has served as a local councillor in a unitary authority, and takes an active interest in how policy is developed, applied and delivered.

Outside of business, Robert is an active Liveryman in the City of London, and an organist. He enjoys going to the opera, watching cricket and trying to keep up with a growing backlog of reading whilst spending time with his young family.