Anna Cleland

Staff Nurse, Rampton Hospital, Nottinghamshire

I currently work with males with learning disabilities who have been deemed to require high secure care. My ward is a treatment ward therefore I assist these gentlemen with their treatment and therapies, this can often present with challenges especially with the complexity of the treatment for some individuals. Due to the nature of the ward and the current patient profile, there are often times when patients display high levels of aggression or agitation, as I staff nurse, I use my decision making skills to ensure the safety and security of the patient and other around them.

I am currently named nurse for two patients, both of whom present with a range of complexities, both personally and socially. I act as advocate for these patients who often require support and reassurance in various aspects of their lives.

I am looking forward to developing my knowledge and skills, seeking to improve my personal practice and then take this back to the team. This will help to ensure that safe, evidence-based and effective care is being delivered to our patients. I am also looking forward to building on my leadership skills.