Sharon Boyle

Clinical Lead, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Urgent Treatment Centre

Hello my name is Sharon and I am an Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner. I am a clinical lead and work clinically with the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) in The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, there are two UTCs, one co-located with the Emergency Department at New Cross Hospital and one that is nurse led in a community setting based in a health centre.

As an Inspire Improvement fellow, I want to create a caring culture by improving my leadership skills, methods and approaches. I’d like to develop and implement new ways of working to improve patient care supported by a shared purpose and vision within the team. I’m hoping to develop an action plan with the team and have shared decision making to ensure better team working and increase staff wellbeing and engagement. I’m also hoping to better understand staff’s values, beliefs and attitudes, which will help create a shared purpose to enable the team to move forward and provide a focus and energy for any changes or transformations in practice.

A caring culture makes things better for everyone. If staff feel valued and supported, patients get the care they need with compassion and confidence.