Judy Harper-Bright

Senior Sister, Stroke Unit, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford

I believe this fellowship will help build my confidence and as a leader, give me the self- assurance to change cultures and lead by example, not only to my ward colleagues but also across the wider area. I believe the fellowship will teach me the new skills and methods I need by being mentored and inspired by the other Inspire Improvement Fellows, to be able to have a positive impact on my team and patients. I feel this programme will inspire me to take ideas further and help develop my leadership skills and understand change management to a greater depth.

When I took the role of senior sister nearly 2 years ago, I had a vision of creating a better culture for our staff, COVID then halted any ideas I had and has taken its toll on the staff, and myself. I hope to get back to the vision I had, and with the help of this fellowship, be even better.

By being confident in my approaches and skills, the team will hopefully be inspired and empowered to start thinking of creating change themselves. Knowing they have a leader that believes in them and is open to ideas will build their confidence to believe in themselves too.

By creating a positive culture on the ward, our patients and relatives will benefit from happy, healthy staff caring for them. Staff will feel confident in advocating for the patient because I have empowered them into believing in themselves, because I would believe in myself. I would have gained this confidence through this programme.

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