Karen Beirne

Team Lead, Community Rapid Response, Newport, Isle of Wight

I am currently the team lead for the Community Rapid Response Team (CRR) based on the Isle of Wight and have held this position since December 2020.

The community rapid response team provides care to community dwelling residents during the acute phase of a crisis related to deterioration in health and functional ability. Our primary function is to reduce hospitalisation rates for older adults living with frailty (but not exclusively), we do this by providing care safely within their own homes where possible. We are currently a multidisciplinary team of 27 individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and knowledge.

The CRR team also provides an OPAT (Outpatient Parental Antimicrobial Therapy) service to reduce the number of days spent in hospital to receive non-oral antibiotics. The team provides the daily administration of these antibiotics in the patient’s own home for the duration of their treatment.

I applied for the Inspire Improvement Fellowship as I am new to team leadership and am passionate about creating a positive caring culture not only for patients but for the team. I am a reflective practitioner who is actively striving to improve. I have experienced over my time, managers who have made me feel undervalued and have not been supportive. I have used this to drive my own career and passion, as I believe that all members of a team should feel empowered, supported and valued.

I have always been very passionate about providing the best possible care for patients and their families during my time as a registered nurse. Now I have taken this role, this passion has not changed, and if anything, it’s now not just about the care I provide, it’s about the care we provide as a team. Research throughout time has shown us that staff who are well led, supported and happy, along with positive team morale, will improve the care and experience patients and relatives receive. If staff are treated well and feel valued, the people they provide care to will feel the positive impacts of this. Research has also shown that positive team morale has an impact on performance, meaning staff are more efficient within their individual roles as well as the team’s performance.

I believe that the FoNS Inspire Improvement Fellowship will help me become the leader the team needs in and out of practice. I want to be the very best version of myself, not only for me and my development as a person and a professional but for the patients and families I provide care for. I want to inspire my team and help develop their confidence and develop their own leadership skills. This will allow us to unite as one with a common purpose and to tackle any challenges together.

I feel really privileged to be part of the programme and I am excited to learn, develop and to share this journey with my team and the fellows on the programme.

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