Polly Allison

Senior Clinical Nurse, Sheffield Children’s Hospital

I am currently working as a clinical nurse at Ruby Lodge, an inpatient (CAMHS) assessment unit for children and young people who have a diagnosis of learning disabilities and associated mental health conditions. The service offers multi-disciplinary comprehensive mental health assessment and treatment. The team uses a variety of therapies and interventions to support young people and their families through admission, and also plan the implementation of ongoing care following discharge from the service. As a nurse at Ruby Lodge, I work in leading a nursing team (nurses and support workers) in directing supporting the young people and their families through planning and implementing care during their admission. Also liaising and linking with other professionals within the service and community team through regular meetings and reviews.

During my first year of nursing I feel I have developed in confidence around my leadership skills and this has been reflected in supervision with my line manager. I would love to progress further in my career within children and young people’s mental health services and feel this fellowship will help me to develop my skills and knowledge around leadership and supporting the team that I work in. I strive to progress and deliver high quality care to the young people we work with and their families. I feel the fellowship will provide me with space for reflection and help me identify ways to improve my leadership skills, both in terms of the young people, the team I work with and the wider organisation.