Laura Lovejoy-Carter

Staff Nurse LD, St Andrews Healthcare Northampton

I am currently working in a medium secure forensic learning disability service as a staff nurse. I have been qualified since August 2020 but have worked in this field for 23 years. My patient group are adult males who have co-morbid diagnoses of learning disabilities, mental illness and severe behaviour that challenges. I am working closely with five patients, specifically as a care co-ordinator for one and named nurse for four others. For each of these patients, I have been advocating and actively planning in collaboration a number of contemporary interventions with the aim of reducing risks. For example, meaningful conversations, sensory approaches, pictorial support cards, pictorial therapy planners and social stories. It has been challenging as these interventions and approaches have been more proactive than previously used within this service. As a result, I have also been involved in raising awareness through reflective practice sessions and role modelling patient centred care to the health care assistants and other qualified nurses.

Working with the fellowship and supporting programme will enable me to develop professionally both as a nurse and as an educator. I am extremely passionate about person-centred working and feel that my development through the fellowship will hep to foster a person-centred culture. This will be of benefit to staff, patients in their recovery journeys and their families. I hope to develop a range of skills to help me serve as a professional role model and to enable me to nurture development and growth in other people. I want to advocate the charity’s core values and those of our patient group by understanding what’s important to them. I believe that I will develop skills to promote and develop inclusivity, patient collaboration not only within their care but in how the service develops at ward level and potentially further beyond. In addition to this, sharing innovation and learning will continue to bring new ideas and good practice into the service I work in.