Tim Manton

Community Learning Disability Nurse, Southampton City Community Learning Disabilities Team

As a community learning disability nurse, my roles are manifold.

  • I am an enabler; I support and enable organisations to make reasonable adjustments for service users in order to address their health needs.
  • I am an educator; I provide guidance about the health needs of service users to service users and those supporting them.
  • I am an advocate; I promote independence and equality for service users and support their rights.
  • I am a co-ordinator; I work alongside a variety of other professions and individuals on a regular basis, liaising between organisations and services to address the need in hand.
  • Not least, I am a carer; I support the service users on my caseload to address and manage their physical and mental health, always to the best of my ability and always as a professional working to the standards of the NHS.

I am also a creative writer.

I am joining the Fellowship programme simply because I want to do more with the potential that I have for the service I am a part of. I believe this programme will enable that progression in me, and I am keen to find out what that looks like.

With increased confidence and situational awareness, I would like to demonstrate more of the qualities I value in others and do more to support those working with me to achieve the goals we set ourselves. I want to understand more the challenges we face as an organisation and have the confidence in myself to address them head-on.

I want to be a louder advocate for the rights of our service users, a solver of bigger problems, a better nurse tomorrow than I am today – and I want your help to get there.