Adebimpe Fagbohun

Senior Staff Nurse, St Andrews Healthcare Northampton

On a daily basis, depending on the individual care plan and needs, I communicate with patients about their problems and discuss the best way to plan and deliver their care. I build relationships with patients to encourage trust, while listening to and interpreting their needs and concerns. I work as part of the team ensuring that the needs of patients are met, helping them to maintain their physical and mental health and supporting them with daily activities, ensuring patients have the same access to healthcare as anyone else. I also make sure that a patient’s disability is not a barrier to being able to engage with and enjoy the treatment they need.

I believe that this programme will develop and improve my skills, knowledge, attitude and confidence in operating successfully in a clinical setting. Moreover, it will support and equip me to start my leadership journey by creating opportunities for reflection, recognising and learning new skills. This programme will also improve my confidence in tackling real workplace pressures and issues by reflecting on what is needed to promote and deliver quality person-centred care in a clinical setting that will improve patient outcomes and experience. I believe this programme will also support in the development of communication mechanisms, both verbal and non-verbal, that will help patients communicate their needs and help with behaviour, learning and socialising.