Nicola White

Specialist Practitioner District Nurse, Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

I am a specialist practitioner district nurse /practice teacher based in the north east of Edinburgh. By becoming a Inspire Improvement Fellow, l aim to promote positivity in our workplace, to enable and empower staff to be the best they can be. I look forward to district nursing, a service which is dynamic, adaptable and embracing of the vision of Transforming Roles, being at the forefront of changes in healthcare provision.

I am enthusiastic about development in our team as a leader and as a clinical educator.

Transforming Roles is not only about the district nursing role but the whole community nursing team. By participating in the Inspire Improvement Programme, I will involve the team in leading change and progress. I believe staff working with patients are best placed to identify areas of care that can be developed and enhanced and enable a sense of ownership to the process.

Our focus and consideration is always patients and families. I believe that when we, as a team, have the time and encouragement to reflect on practice, we will be better placed to identify our collective strengths and weaknesses. This will result in us all feeling valued and cherished in a caring culture of openness, which will transfer into positive meaningful interactions with patients and their families.