Sasha Silberman-Hanks

Learning Disability Nurse, Manchester Local Care Organisation

I am a band 6 Community Learning Disability Sister based in North Manchester. I currently manage a caseload across three days. My responsibilities include attending home visits, health assessments, hospital care coordination, attending MDTs, providing and promoting health education, welfare calls and advocacy.

The other two days of the week I am involved in promotion of the flu and COVID vaccine. I attend meetings weekly to review statistics and discuss barriers. I am involved in providing easy read education, reasonable adjustments, desensitization and liaising with GPs and INTs. I am trained to administer the flu vaccine in the community and this role will be expanding to organise, arrange and administer the COVID vaccine.

I think it will be a helpful time to be engaged with this programme to support with my transition from band 5 to Band 6 responsibilities. I would benefit from learning how to problem solve difficult situations.

I would like to improve my leadership, reflective skills to help improve my practice and confidence. I think it would be beneficial to develop skills that will improve how I support and coach aspiring nurses in a person-centred manner which can be transferable to empower the clients and families I work with. Finally, I hope to gain transferable skills which will help me to lead and improve the service.