Sean Daly

Deputy Manager, Brendoncare Care Home, Alton, Hants

I initially started my career with Brendoncare as a care assistant, and was inspired to go onto my nurse training and returned as an RN after a few years in the NHS. I then progressed into my current role as deputy manager. One of my main interests is long term care of people living with dementia and how we can support them and their families. I attended various dementia workshops and took what I learnt into creating a dementia workshop programme for the staff at Alton to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to help them give effective and meaningful care.

Alton’s team is diverse, meaning staff come from various countries all with their own knowledge and skills in health care. Some staff have been at Alton for over 20 years and some are either newly qualified or just starting in care.

I have worked in three separate roles in the same care home, and I feel that this has given me a good understanding and insight into the challenges we face and also how rewarding it can be.

I’m hoping that by being part of the Inspire Improvement Fellowship Programme, I can reflect on myself and how I lead the team with support from external peers in diverse environments. It will also give me some tools to help me work with my team going forward so we can give amazing dementia care and make a real difference to people’s lives, as well as staff feeling involved and enabled.

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