Annabel Burd

Community Staff Nurse, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

I currently work as a community staff nurse in a Community Learning Disability Team. We work with adults with a learning disability, on physical or mental health, and low risk instances of challenging behaviour. I work in a team of 5 other nurses, and a support worker, and we work closely alongside other professionals of the wider CLDT. We currently sit as a priority two service, and have been working throughout the pandemic, and have been helping our clients through a very strange and difficult time period.

I think the fellowship will benefit me in being able to transform my way of thinking, and how a more caring culture can be created. I would like to be able to promote a culture of care to both my colleagues and my clients. Additionally, we work closely with support workers in supported living or residential homes, and I would like to be able to model that caring culture to them.