Hannah Scrivener

Registered Nurse, The Children’s Trust, Tadworth, Surrey

I am a registered learning disability nurse at the Children’s Trust for children with acquired brain injury. We provide complex neuro rehabilitation for children from those minimally conscious to those who make a full physical recovery, and those left with ‘hidden’ problems – cognition, memory, communication and behaviour and mental health problems.

I assist in the assessment, planning, implementation of a 24 hour package of care for children, young people and their families promoting daily living skills. Clinical tasks include gastronomy feeding and care, tracheostomy care, non-invasive and invasive ventilation, dysphagia, oral and nasal suctioning, medication administration and seizure management.

I’m newly qualified and would like to develop my leadership. I am hoping to develop more confidence in my abilities, improve my delegating skills and use other team members to aid decision making.