Erin Mackenzie

Senior Charge Nurse, Paediatric Ward, Dr Gray’s Hospital – NHS Grampian

Hi everyone, I’m Erin a paediatric nurse and having gained experience in various specialties for the last 17 years, I now find myself as senior charge nurse for the paediatric ward and most wonderful team here in Elgin. Set within a semi-rural district general hospital, our geographical location in the north of Scotland means recruitment of both medical and nursing staff is a regular challenge and as a result, our service has gone through many reactive changes to maintain a much needed and valued service for the communities. We are currently staffed for an 8 bedded short stay unit and paediatric outpatient department as well as working closely with our adult emergency department colleagues supporting with paediatric resus, stabilisation and transfer.

Having been forwarded the Inspire Improvement Information from my line manager, I knew I wanted to try and be involved and am thrilled to have this opportunity now. NHS Grampian have initiated working towards “Magnet” accreditation which I feel aligns with the Inspire Improvement Programmes culture. I hope to be an inspiring leader for my team, one who can define, design and nurture cultural change to create dynamic relationships within a safe and supportive environment, promoting active lifelong learners and what better way to do this than in collaboration with the fellows of 2022?

For more information, contact [email protected]