Morag Millar

Charge Nurse, Adult Acute Mental Health Ward, Whytemans Brae Hospital, Fife

I hope that as an Inspire Improvement Fellow I will achieve a greater understanding of my leadership style and facilitation of change. I also hope that I will be able to fully understand culture within our ward and the impact that this has on staff and patients.

I am optimistic that the whole team will benefit from this opportunity to explore and reflect on current practise and that as a team we will be able to identify changes that we want to make and be able to sustain these. I hope that as a staff team we will be able to support each other through this change and gain a deeper understanding of our ward culture. I hope that this will help staff to become more confident in their own and each other’s abilities.

Patients and their families will then benefit from having a confident team caring for them, with greater understanding of the impact that care provided has for each individual’s recovery.