Sian Adcock

Staff Nurse, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

I currently work in a locked rehab facility for males with a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or autism with associated mental health conditions who are on a section of the mental health act. We aim to work with patients to support them in returning to the community safely and with an improved quality of life. My role as staff nurse is multifaceted and is forever expanding. Being an RNLD often requires you to think outside the box as the patients we are caring for are often complex. We work hard with our patients to engage them in meaningful therapies by building and maintaining therapeutic relationships. We are often care-coordinators for patients, but the team also encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care meaning I work closely with various allied health professionals as well as family and carers.

It has always been my aim to champion learning disability nursing. I believe this is achievable by collaborative and innovative ways of working which I have always gelt passionate about. I feel that developing leadership in learning disability nursing is crucial due to the decline in RNLD in-services across the country. This is vital to ensure that people with a learning disability receive effective care as well as reducing the chance of diagnostic over shadowing. Being a leader supports us as nurses to advocate for our patients and give them a voice. My unit will hopefully benefit from this fellowship as there are minimal nurses at a clinical level that have received leadership development.