Sian Perry

Senior Sister, Withybush General Hospital, Haverfordwest

I hope the ethos behind the Inspire Improvement Programme will enable me to be a more effective and facilitative leader for the team on the Puffin Unit. So far, it has challenged my thinking around leadership and helped me see that there are numerous ways to facilitate a change in myself and in the way I lead this team.

Over the coming year, I hope to enable the staff to celebrate the numerous practice improvements they have already achieved and to work on making small changes that will develop their sense of ownership of the working environment as well as focusing on ways to improve the service for the children and families who attend the Puffin Unit.

For me, the aim of any improvement programme is to ensure that the views and needs of the children and families are used collaboratively to ensure that any changes are of benefit to the quality of care they receive, and I believe this programme will help us achieve this.

While my focus for this year will be on Puffin Unit, with the help of the Inspire Improvement practice development facilitator Jo Odell, I plan to share this knowledge and experience with my paediatric band 7 colleagues and with the paediatric teams who work on the paediatric ambulatory care units in other hospitals within Hywel Dda University Health Board.