Deborah Smith

Ward Manager, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

I would like to further expand on my knowledge and confidence in my ability to lead culture change. I am hoping to strengthen my skills through the application of tools, information and support from the fellowship.

I would like to influence and strengthen the team dynamics and produce a team who will themselves sustain a workplace culture that focuses on continuous improvement and is person-centred, safe and effective for both patients and staff.

I anticipate that I will understand what it means to be a facilitator and how to facilitate change and that through the exploration of effective strategies I will be able to create a person-centred workplace culture. I also hope to learn creative ways of reaching and engaging staff to learn alongside me, develop and implement their ideas and innovations and to embed the culture of continually exploring areas for improvement. For the patients and families we care for, I would like to empower them to join us in enhancing the ward and environment to ensure the best possible journey whilst they are with us.

I anticipate that my reflection skills will be strengthened through pertinent enquiry and critical self-evaluation to gain new understanding in leading culture change and improvement.