Kelly Arnold

Community Learning Disability Nurse, Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust

I will be a newly qualified nurse, taking a newly qualified nursing post within a Community Learning Disability Team. The position will entail working within a multi-disciplinary team and working with patients, their family and/or carers to advocate and facilitate the promotion of their health and social care needs.

Establishing a good foundation of leadership skills at a very early stage of my learning disability nursing career will stand me in good stead moving forward in my career. As a newly qualified nurse I could benefit with increasing my confidence, as I step out on my own and take on my own case load of patients. Patients need to know that they can trust me to navigate through difficult times and be able to facilitate and improve their health and well-being. There will be times when I will need to take lead in meetings and appointments and be able to confidently speak up and advocate on a patient’s behalf. Leadership skills will also aid with the mentoring/training/ educating patients, students, parents or carers.