Emma Ramsden

Community Learning Disability Nurse, Manchester Local Care Organisation

I currently work as a community learning disability nurse within the south Manchester area. I’m required to work with a multi-disciplinary team to provide specialist support to individuals with a learning disability including; facilitating the management of health needs, promoting access to different services which overall, will help reduce health inequalities.

As well as working with professionals, I also work in partnership with individuals and their families/carers to facilitate autonomous choice and co-ordinate the transition between different services and agencies. Using my clinical judgement, I employ a range of interventions such as; promoting independence, providing support and protection, taking preventative action and ensuring safety whilst balancing out rights and risks; considering ethical principles and legislation when decision making.

As a newly registered nurse, the fellowship programme will benefit me and the team I work with as it will help me develop the knowledge and skills required to lead and develop professional practice within the community setting. I also think it will benefit me to engage with other health leaders outside the academic sphere which will help make changes to reduce health disparities and inequalities within the LD population.

The leadership programme will enable me to take a step back to reflect on my practice and refocus on what is important; including, helping me realise my leadership aspirations and develop my leadership skills within my organisation. Finally, completing this programme will help me continue to grow professionally and help shape a smarter healthcare delivery in the future thus improving patient, family and carer experiences if they need to use our service.