Anna Blackman

Critical Care Outreach and Resuscitation Team Lead, Charing Cross Hospital, London

Hello my name is Anna and I am committed to providing high quality, compassionate care for all patients. I have worked in critical care for over 16 years and recently completed my MSc in advanced clinical practice. I lead a team of critical care outreach and resuscitation practitioners. We cover the clinical areas in the hospital, providing education, expertise and advanced assessment skills, review deteriorating patients and are active members of the emergency response team. In addition, we assess all patients once they are discharged from critical care, providing holistic support. Working in collaboration with the clinical teams throughout the trust is essential to achieve patient-focused care and outcomes.

I am really excited to be an Inspire Improvement Fellow and am hoping to learn new ways of supporting a positive and inclusive culture for my team, through joint decision making and learning from experiences.

My aim is to gain further knowledge and skills through shared learning, enabling continuous improvements in our ways of working, to support both my team and achieve the highest standard of care for our patients.