Abbey Westmore

Staff Nurse, Broadmoor Hospital, West London NHS

I am currently in a high secure setting caring for males with mental health needs. We work as a team in admissions to assess and care for the men by providing therapeutic opportunities to aid their pathway. As part of my role, I have two primary patients currently who I develop care plans for, attend team meetings and CPAs for. As well as writing the reports, I also offer 1:1 sessions with my primary patients on a weekly basis. I help with management of their medications and as part of this provide feedback to members of the MDT and provide education around the different medications.

I am hoping to build my confidence in leading shifts and making decisions on the ward. Enabling me to be more person centred when making decisions will, in turn, reduce restrictive practice where possible. It will also help me to use my knowledge in learning disabilities in this setting in a more confident way. I am hoping it will also give me new ideas of the ways other people are working with similar patients or give me a way to adapt those to my setting in order to build better therapeutic relations and environments.