Elizabeth Maushe

Lead Clinical Nurse, Intensive Support Team, East London NHS Foundation Trust

FoNS Learning Disability Fellow

I left my previous role in 2022, and I now work within the East London Foundation trust in a more senior role in the intensive support team. The FoNS Learning Disability Nursing Fellowship helped me to gain confidence in collaborative working and also to look at what we can do to improve our service: Who do we need to liaise with? Who do we need to have these conversations with and what’s working well? When I started the fellowship, I was newly qualified, and was too terrified to speak to the powers that be. I was only band 5 and didn’t feel as experienced or confident enough to speak to the managers, but through the project I did and I gained a lot of confidence.

And now I’m a supervisor and there are a lot of skills that I learned during the fellowship that I’m using.

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