Helen Jackson

Lowestoft Kirkley Manor Care Home Manager, Teaching and Learning Care Homes

I think personally for me, the biggest positive was to challenge. It took me a little while to understand [the programme] because it wasn’t like any course I had done before where you are just taught everything and you just follow it through and with an exam at the end. This was a course that really challenged you to actually evaluate your own service, to be proactive in that rather than being reactive. And to engage with all the people, all those stakeholders identifying who all those people were. It helped me to have a bit more of a structured approach to quality improvement and that really did change the way that I approached things… that has impacted on other people. So it really does have a ripple effect with regards to positive change. Quite a cascading effect.

Over recent months I have changed jobs to manage another care home and become chair of the Norfolk and Waveney Social Care Nursing Advisory Council. I have also started the embedded Research/Service Improvement/QI scholarship at the James Paget… I don’t think I would have done that had I not done this course…  It really did change the way that I looked at things.

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