Sheeba Jefferson

Sheeba Jefferson

Deputy Nurse Director, SYRS, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

FoNS Inspire Improvement Fellow

The impact for me of undertaking the fellowship has been that I’ve become more self-aware. It’s given me immense self-confidence in working with the ‘unknown’, whether that be a new team or a new innovation/situation. I have learnt to be authentic and that it’s OK to say you don’t know something. I now focus on the process and the experience for both staff and patients, not just on the outcomes. I look at everything with a different lens; you learn and you grow together with your team.

As a co-facilitator [of the Inspire Improvement programme], I experienced the whole programme with another different lens. It was a wonderful experience to see others grow using the creativity and share our experiences as fellows.

When you change a person, that has a ripple effect on their teams and on their organisation as well. The Inspire Improvement Fellowship is unique, I cannot go back to how I was before I started the programme.

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Sheeba Jefferson

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