Sian Perry

Senior Sister, Withybush General Hospital, Haverfordwest, Hywel Dda University Health Board

FoNS Inspire Improvement Fellow

What I learnt from the Inspire Improvement Fellowship programme is that it is OK to let people make their own decisions to encourage the team to be part of the of the leadership, be part of any changes, progress and to celebrate the small wins.

And I’ve kept that going all the way through since then.

The fellowship gave me the confidence to look at different ways of engaging staff, training staff, getting staff on board. I use the Evoke [picture] cards a lot, I think the so called ‘fluffy stuff’ gets you to the hearts and minds of people, gets them back on board and encourages people to remember what we’re actually here for. We’re not here just to do the audits. We’re here for the benefit of the children. And if we can find an easier way of doing the things we have to do, that’s great and it can be a learning experience.

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