Strelle Mbia

Ward Manager Manager, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

Creating Caring Cultures for CAMHS clinical in-patient team leaders

8 months ago
When I closed my eyes, and  I walked through my ward it was darkness and eerie.
Everything around me felt cold
I could hear the sound of drills, walls being replastered and broken doors being boarded
I could smell malodourous patients
I could taste cold coffee
I could see tired colleagues
I could feel wounds

8 months later
When I close my eyes and walk through my ward there’s brightness and cheer.
I can hear the sound of snooker balls, keyboards, chatter, laughter between patients and staff
I can smell the roast dinner prepared by the dining team
I can taste thank you biscuits
I can see happy colleagues, mutual help, care plans in bedrooms, a full safewards board, teachers collecting young people from school
I could feel safety

Thank you for helping us to check in, thank you for helping us to use our senses, thank you for helping us to create changing cultures

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