I only wish I’d dived in sooner!

Lucy Thow, Nottingham University Hospitals

I have always loved the way Resilience-Based Clinical Supervision (RBCS) allows protected time for people to explore their own feelings about a situation. My experience of receiving and delivering RBCS has always been with all parties understanding and being open to the process.

Recently, I was asked to supervise someone who was expected to have clinical supervision as part of their role. But this person had no understanding of what this could offer them and therefore they were sceptical. However, as the conversation continued supported by the RBCS framework, they recalled a recent incident that had affected their role and had evoked some strong emotions around integrity, trust and grief. Seeing them process the situation, how they felt about it and how they might move forward was a privilege to be a part of.

Knowing that they now understand the benefits of clinical supervision has really improved my confidence and the recent FoNS programme was an amazing support in creating that practical readiness. This individual had that light bulb moment in the room and then came back to me to thank me days after. As an RBCS facilitator, I felt empowered and I still feel chuffed that I was able to have that positive impact on someone!

My takeaway from my first session with someone who didn’t know about RBCS was a journey for us both. I proved I could listen and not fix, and seeing them self-reflect was really empowering for us both.

The more you do it, the more confident you become with navigating different needs. I only wish I’d dived in sooner!

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