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As health and social care staff, we all want to be kind and caring and make sure that services are safe and effective. But how often do we step back and really look at what we do, think about the people that we work with and the ways we work together to provide care?

Although the need for culture change is often spoken about in health and social care, how we work to achieve this is less clear. FoNS has therefore created a number of freely accessible resources, to help staff to get started with changing their workplace culture. We believe that these will be particularly useful for those working in frontline leadership roles across health and social care settings (e.g. ward managers, community team leaders, care home managers).

The resources are based around a model in the form of a rainbow. The model has been developed by FoNS, using our knowledge and experiences over a number of years of working with health and social care teams, helping them to develop workplace cultures that are safe, effective and person-centred.

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This work has been supported by a grant from the Department of Health.