Learning Zone

Welcome to the Learning Zone. Read on to find out what's included.

Tools, Resources and Podcasts

These areas of the Centre contain a variety of tools and resources that you can use to help you with service improvement or practice development activities in your workplace. You can use these resources to help you with your work to develop practice and improve patient care by:

  • Learning more about the theory of practice development and its methods
  • Developing your knowledge and skills and enabling you to help others to develop too
  • Exploring and understanding the culture and context of your workplace
  • Enabling collaboration with service users and other people who you work with

Some of the resources have been specifically created for FoNS; others have been developed by people working in the field of practice development and practice based research who FoNS have collaborated with over a number of years; there are also others that are accessible on other sites, but we hope to help busy practitioners to get to the heart of things quickly by providing links to key policy documents and the work of other organisations.

FoNS is committed to continuing to grow and expand the resources within the Learning Zone. Tell us:

  • Which resources you have found particularly useful and why
  • What other kind of resources you would like us to include
  • About other resources you have developed or used that you would like to share with others

Tweet Chats

FoNS recognises the value of social media and its contribution to enabling nurses and other healthcare professionals to give voice to their views and concerns. 

Consultancy and Facilitation

FoNS can offer a range of bespoke consultancy and facilitation, including supervision, workshops, strategy development and programmes of on-going support to help individuals, teams and healthcare organisations to develop more person-centred approaches to care. We are able to help you focus on developing leadership capacity and a workplace culture that puts patients at the centre of care. 

Appraisal Toolkit

FoNS has been involved in the development of the Apprailsal Toolkit, in conjuction with Clarity Infomatics and Cumberlege Eden Associates. FoNS’ Partners Programme is a unique opportunity for individuals and organisations to be at the forefront, with FoNS in creating safe, effective and compassionate nursing and healthcare. 



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Innovations in practice

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