2024 Richard Tompkins Scholars announced

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2024 Richard Tompkins Nurse Development Scholarship. The calibre of applicant was very high and the judges found it a very difficult decision to make. After much deliberation, we are delighted to present our two winners.

Marianne Hamlyn

Marianne is a diabetes specialist nurse and Professional Nurse Advocate from Ramsgate. She said:

‘There are moments when life-changing opportunities knock on our doors. This is one of those moments for me. I am honoured to have been awarded the Richard Tompkins Scholarship. It is an incredible opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills in facilitating a positive culture in my workplace. I am so excited to develop as a leader in quality improvement activities that will benefit my patients and the wider community, creating a lasting change. I can’t wait to get started!’

Natasha Gordon

Natasha is SNR Nurse Urgent Community Response Services High Wealden, Lewes, and Havens.

She said: ‘This opportunity will further my knowledge in culturally competent care, ensure care is sensitive to cultural identity and heritage, will mean my own professional approach is more responsive to the beliefs and cultural needs of patients cared for and support culturally sensitive dialogues within the work environment to be open, inclusive, and empowering. I would like to be encouraging the team to express views and concerns, to listen and act upon these to shape the service and culture.’

‘I believe the scholarship will support further exploration of conscious and unconscious personal and cultural bias, using this awareness will enable the development of tailored person care. It will ultimately contribute to a positive healthcare experience, and facilitate further exploration of my own and organisational discriminatory attitudes in the workplace.’

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