Dear Diary

A Factional Summary of the FoNS Residential Programme Evaluation Report

Sunday 22 April 2024

Arrived. First impressions – Sedgebrook Hall is a fantastic location, not far from Northampton. The staff are very friendly, and helpful. Looks like there’s lots of outside space to explore.

Feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Looking forward to meeting the facilitators – Kate Sanders, Person-centred Practice Facilitator, Foundation of Nursing Studies, UK; Sheila McGovern, Associate Facilitator, Foundation of Nursing Studies, UK; and Maria Mackay, Independent Facilitator, Australia, as well as the other participants.

I’m hoping to network and to improve my knowledge, develop new skills and learn about workplace culture and feel more confident to make positive changes. I want to gain new ideas and to develop and enhance my practice; to be inspired and re-ignite my passion!

But I’m also a bit worried that I might find myself out of my comfort zone and that I will not be able to make a change in workplace. It’s pretty tough in practice at the moment.

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